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Allergens for the production of therapeutics and diagnostics

Citeq Biologics is a producer of allergens. These allergens can be used for research as well as for the production of therapeutics and diagnostics. Our aim is to set new standards in product quality, guarantee the highest product quality and to support our clients in the best way possible.

Citeq Biologics offers a variety of mite, mammal, insect, and pollen allergens. Our knowledge in storage mites and house dust mites, and production of mites is unique in the world. Extensive experience with GMP guidelines has prepared us for the oncoming quality demands for the allergen industry.

References from our clients

“We did a survey of mite suppliers worldwide. Our results show Citeq is the best by far.” CEO of a leading allergy vaccines producer

“Dealing with Citeq is more of an academic collaboration than a supplier customer relationship. They are are always happy to open and frank discussions  and willingly answer questions on preparation methodology and extract composition. I cannot recommend Citeq highly enough to researchers in the field of allergy and inflammation.” Dr. Lisa Gregory, Imperial College London

Freeze-dried mite extracts

House dust mite whole cultures and mite bodies from Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae are produced by Citeq Biologics. We use house dust mites as raw materials to preparevarious extracts, e.g. from whole cultures or mite bodies, to obtain defined freeze-dried extracts. Both the raw materials as well as the freeze-dried house dust mite extracts can be used for diagnosis and immunotherapy purposes, provided that the consistency is ensured.

At Citeq, we produce under well-defined parameters which are monitored and documented, offering a constistent product quality to meet customer standards. Read more


Development of a enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit for determination of the major allergen from Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Der p 1, house dust mite

June 2011

Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus 1 (Der p 1) is a major mite allergen in Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus house dust mite. Currently there are no reliable ready-to-use-kits for the determination of Der p1. Therefore we developed a ready-to-use-ELISA for Der p 1.
A ninety-six-wells plate (NUNC Maxisorp) was coated with a monoclonal antibody (clone 9-5-1) against Der p1 generated in… Read more »

Enzymatic Characterization of House Dust and Storage Mite Allergen Extracts

May 2010

There is scarce information about the biological function of many allergens in house dust and storage mites. In the last years, several studies have reported on the enzymatic activity of some mite allergens. To investigate the enzymatic activity in whole cultures and mite bodies of house dust and storage mites, chitinase, collagenase, cysteine protease and… Read more »

Het Allergie Boek

April 2010

Wat is een allergie? Welke allergische aandoeningen zijn er? Hoe wordt een allergie veroorzaakt en wat kan ik doen om het te behandelen?
Het allergie boek geeft antwoord op deze en andere vragen omtrent allergieën, zonder te veel in medische details te treden. Door middel van vele illustraties helpt het boek om, letterlijk, een beeld te… Read more »